Donating to Save Lives

We believe change starts with our youth. Sowing the seeds of growth requires proper tools when we are young. This includes basic needs like clothing and shelter while also providing healthcare, and education. This is why we chose Children International.  

They seek sponsors who take active roles in helping children both near and afar. Yes you can donate. But you can do so much more when you are able to write to a child and potentiate their needs. Children International allows you to visit your sponsored child and experience first hand how you can make a difference.

With 70+ community centers worldwide, your support creates ripple effects for generations. We at TBD are committed to giving back and seek others who share the same values of providing a better future for today's youth. Bring in a picture of your sponsored child and we'll reduce your monthly unlimited pass to just $68. 

Make a difference. Take action today.

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